Numbers bug

Hello ,
After a complete reinstallation from zero of my pc I find myself with a bug of all the numbers in eve online. Do you have a solution?
I’m on windows 11.
Thank you .

formating between using a , and a .

Thank you for your quick answer Geo Eclipse Oksaras but I’m not sure I understood everything. Could you explain to me the procedure please ?
Thanks in advance .

Look at your regional/language settings and number format settings of Windows 11 itself - somewhere in the Control Panel. Changing the thousand separator might help. (I think it is called ‘digit grouping’ instead of thousand separator) I remember someone else in the forums had a similar problem. I hope it helps to solve your problem too.

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This will most likely solve it.

EVE doesn’t know whether it should use dots or commas for the thousand separator as this is different in different parts of the world. So it looks for windows settings, but something seems to go wrong there. Changing your thousand separator settings will probably solve the issue.

Not sure if this is helpful, but here are those settings on my windows 10 (in Dutch… sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue: )


Great it works perfectly thank you to all involved.
Good games fly safe

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