Nvidia Geforce Now

The image is often not up to date. So when you start the game on Geforce now it will first start to update the game. This will result in having to do multiple login attempts and a lot of lost time and frustration. With Havoc being released this is exceptionally bad. Currently I’m trying to get into the game for 15 minutes on the 5th failed attempt. GFN is really nice if you can’t use your desktop, so could you please keep the image it uses better up to date? It’s a super frustrating experience like this.

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The CCP team will not be able to help for problems with Geforce Now.

You are better off contacting NVIDIA Customer Support

Thank you for your reply. I could do that but they probably point me here, since it’s the image used on geforce now that is not updated with the new version of the game and it would be logical that only the game developer could create/update this image?

i have contacted nvidia regarding this same issue and they have informed me that i need to contact CCP.

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