[-NYC-] Nomadic Small Gang Corp is looking for some company


Crystaline Luminosity is a small nomadic living Corp. We like to do small Gang and solo roams through Nullsec. Things are not to serious with us and we like to meme around a lot and do silly things (occasionally even with Caps)
We are a EU focused group but we have the randomly collected AU and US players aswell.

I’d like to build a friendly tight knit community based around nomadic PvP in eve with a No!! Drama or toxicity policy.

What we offer
• PvP focused Corp
• A no fucks given mentality (great for figuring new things out)
• Absolutely NO Blue standings
• Tight knit community

What we are looking for
• Community & PvP oriented Players
• Omega clone state is required

As a Corp we won’t provide any isk making opportunities but we can help setup something for yourself if needed.

If you arel interested or just want to chat or poke us with questions join our Discord

We are still looking for people to fly with us

Good fun bunch of guys, good content lots of fun, come join us

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Had some good fun roaming last night, would have been even better with your (!!) there :yum:

Hey hey just poke us on Discord we are not as grumpy as we look :wink:

Having some good fun up in Pure Blind if you want to help us poke the Bear a little hop on our Discord

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