Nyx 7/6, Charon 10/14...CAPITAL BPO AUCTION (ends (07.07.2018)saturday evening around 20:00 eve time)

  • ok, new batch for sale here, all auctions will be start (04.07.2018)wednesday evening around 20:00 eve time, ends (07.07.2018)saturday evening 20:00 eve time, so 3 days from now.

  • starting bids on all contracts will be considerable lower then anything available right now on Jita 4-4, also BO prices on some contracts will be pretty low.

right now for sale:

Capital ships:

  • Nyx Me7_Te6 21 bill start, 25 BO,
  • Charon Me10_Te14 3.5 bill start, BO open to best offer >>
  • Archon Me10_Te18 3 bill start, BO open to offers…
  • Archon Me10_Te18 3 bill start, BO open to offers…
  • Moros Me9_Te16 3 bill start, BO open

Capital Parts:

  • Capital Computer System 10/20 1.7 bill start
  • Capital Jump Drive 10/20 1.9 bill start
  • Capital Armor Plates 10/20 1.8 bill start
  • Capital Cargo Bay 10/20 1.3 bill start
  • Capital Construction Parts 10/20 1.5 bill start
  • Capital Propulsion Engine 10/20 2 bill start

Capital Ships Advanced Components (Capital t2 parts…):

  • 250 million starting bid per set 6 sets available, 9 BPO’s per can

as of now contracts are up @ Jita 4-4

48 h left till auctions end

edit: just noticed its on public auction, no need for post.

24h left till end
to the top…

all auctions are ending BID NOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Are any of the BPOs still available?
I’m interested in your Charon BPO @3.5

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