Nyx in Erila - Come for the fight!


So I have a freeport that I placed in lowsec system by the name of Erila. I was planning to try to do some lowsec mining and dip my foot into it but little did I know a gentleman by the name of PornMaker lives there and has bashed my structure with his Nyx.

I have already marked the structure as a loss and given up my hopes of diving into low sec (at least for now) but I figured I would offer up the intel that between 7:30 pm est and 7:45 pm est a nyx will be on grid with misc. other ships.

The structure is open for anyone to dock at if you’d like to stage out of it. I will be online manning the guns so feel free to drop by and say hello if you are in the area or if you want to fight the nyx!

fly safe friends!

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