NYX Legion looking for PvP pilots

NYX Legion is looking for brave pilots to bolster our combat capability.

What we offer:

  • Access to alliance-, corp and coalition fleets/ roams (from subs to caps)
  • Good null sec space to fund your PvP (ratting/mining/exploration)
  • Corp OBP (Ore Buyback Program)
  • Active and growing community
  • Corp operations and projects
  • Experienced ally and corp FCs
  • Alliance SRP program
  • Part of the Bastion with plenty of action around us.
  • We’re NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It)

What we require:

  • 5m sp minimum and omega clone
  • Full non-expiry API key
  • Ability to be on comms (Mumble/Discord. Occasionally TS3)
  • Willingness to train corp- and alliance fleet doctrines.
  • Be active. (RL comes first, but weeks of absence might get you kicked)
  • Able to speak english fluently.
  • Not resorting to drama, trolling or general asshatery.

Recruitment contacts:

John Coronas
Captain Volchenkov
Snorri Starcracker

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Recruitment still open

Advert updated to reflect most recent changes.

Recruitment still open.