NYX sitter only not anything else

hello all ,
i have a small issue . i have a max hell/nyx pilot and he is in a nyx atm but i need to jump to say jita and another place to do some transactions then go get into my nyx but in the mean time what skills only do i need just to board the nyx minimal skills not to fly it or fight with it just to board n logg off if need be . thank you for your help

Right click and it’ll give you the minimums to sit in it.

Just find a keepstar to dock it in, i mean why would you buy a super if you have nowhere to store it >.>

eh just tether it to whatever citadel it should be fine floating in space


Indeed, i’ll even come and guard it :stuck_out_tongue:


To fly a Nyx? Gallente carrier 1.

That’s it.

You can see the requirements to fly a super btw on the show info tab on the ship.

If you dont know this, then you really shouldn’t have bought that char, cause you clearly dont know how to fly your ship.

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not helpfull at all so what about all the other 29 skills it says in info tab like jump drive spaceship command drone skills it a sitter to just log out with not to have any mods on dam stay away from my posts u are toxic … not helpfull at all according to your answer just inject gallentee carrier to 1 and thats all i gotta do …really ?

I know a guy who is running some sort of valet parking business in his wormhole for people who don’t have docking rights, i think he could help you.
The fee is 600 or 700 Mil / day if i remember correctly. You should send him an evemail and explain him your issue, i’m sure he’ll help you to get rid of this little inconvenience. His name is Mar5hy.
Fly safe.

All you need is the top level skills, however lots of the skills listed below are pre-reqs for the skills above, so you will generally need them all, the carrier skill is the one you “need” and that requires a bunch more skills which all require their own skills

You need BS 3 which means you need frig, destroyer, cruiser and BC 3 unless you were grandfathered in with those skill before the destroyers and BC’s were added to the game, you need drone interfacing 5 which needs drones 5, you need JDC 5 which needs warp drive operation 5, you need capital ships 4 which needs adv spaceship command 5

To be honest, if you cannot understand how the skill system in EVE actually works then you really have no business flying a nyx

So you ebayed a super and have no idea how eve online skills work… Good luck with your bot army.

What do you mean by “Not helpful at all”?

If you can train Gallente Carrier to level 1, then yes, thats all you need to be able to sit in a nyx.

You will find out, soon enough, however, that the 29 skills it says in the info tab like “jump drive” and “Spaceship command” are necessary in order to train Gallente Carrier to level 1.

Try injecting gallente carrier to 1, and see what happens.

Spoiler Alert: It wont let you.

Therefore, yes, you need Gallente Carrier level 1, which requires you to train all those other skills before it. It is all listed in the Info Tab. All of them. They are prerequisite skills.

I was serious, and not being toxic at all. The last part of my comment was my advice to you, which is becoming more and more relevant with each passing comment.

This just so highlights everything that’s wrong with alpha and skill injection. Sure being able to just inject skills whenever you want is helpful to knowledgeable vets, but for new or inexperienced beans, it just turns them into expensive loss mails waiting to happen.

I heard about that guy. Something about using illegal broadcasting software?

I’d rather think about him as an excellent Bombers Bar FC.

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