NZ 40M SP - Looking for null sec Mining Corp

Looking to get back in to null sec mining and ratting. Hoping to find a Corp where I can mine and rat in a system that is not constantly under siege.

I’m easy going and worked hard to provide for my previous Corp only to end up going backwards because of constant threat and having to move regions more than once. So now looking to settle down in a more relaxed region…

Have two Omega accounts… Be good to join a Corp that has other AU or NZ pilots…


Come and have a chat with us mate :slight_smile:

Completely AU tz group. We are not a PVE alliance but more of a PVP alliance. We have a few NZ dudes, so depends what you are after. Just putting the option out there :slight_smile:

Non sov holding, punching above our weight and generally being a thorn in the side of others is basically our modus operandi

If you want have a quick chat at our discord:

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