O.R.E. Sei BlackOps Industrial Command Ship

Sei (Pronounced ‘Say’) or Northern Whale in keeping with the O.R.E. Naming Convention.

While Outer Ring Excavations has already built ships for nearly every circumstance and situation. At least one situation still remains, Covert Mining.

Prospects can be used with existing BlackOps Battleships for Transport and T3 Cruisers for boost. Those ships are primarily designed for combat and offer no mining focus and leave activity limited to 10k Prospect holds unless you bring additional cargo fitted blockade runners still leaving you with a very limited haul.

A BlackOps capable T2 Porpoise or smaller scale lower mass T2 Orca [No SMB] to pair with the existing Covert Ops Prospect Frigates. Basically upscale ore hold and boost bonus from Porpoise specs and throw on standard Black Ops benefits. The Gallentean hull host would be greater than a Sin due to Mining Command Burst bonus and ore oold additions.

Power Creep? Negligible, Boost and ore hold capacity offered would still be less than Orca while hull cost would be significantly greater. This type of fleet has increased risk due extremely low combat capability since Prospects do not fly drones. Very high cost to loss vs potential reward.

Niche to fill: Covert moon or high value ore raiding.

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What are those t2 porpoise and orca supposed to do and why do you think we need more black ops?

all we need is a bridgeable ore hauler once POS are removed you want links use an unbonused T3

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TBF a rorqual’s a pretty nifty ore hauler as well, cheaper than a JF by a good margin if you use it for just that purpose.

Regarding the prospect though, I rarely ever see it used for it’s intended industrial purpose aside from multi-bot miners in the Drug Constellations. Everyone else uses it as a blops hunter (which they can be quite effective at).

As for what the OP wants, moon or ore raiding already exists in the form of prospects and using BRs as haulers with a BLOPS to bridge them in and out. Not to mention, with the cloaky potato already sitting at a hefty 1.2 bil isk (almost twice that of an orca), you arent that far off what it costs for a minimally fit rorqual who’s sole purpose is to jump in, smash n grab ore out of containers, and then jump out. All while being able to carry nearly 3 times what an orca can.

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Let’s get down to a Tech 2 porpoise what it needs and needs the ability to boost just the way it is now is fine needs to be and needs to be able to haul so I need the flight maintenance Bay 200,000 m3 to be able to fit Vexor Navy Issue or so

the ore hold needs to be 150,000 and at least a 125,000 hit point 150 and fit it right and it may be

a specialized bonus but it could fit a wMD 500 that’s more because I want it not because it needs it laughing it should also be able to achieve Warp in 10 seconds because the current one can do it at 9 36 I think it is that’s my ideal technical version 2 porpoise

Oh we can’t forget the Black Op cloak also let’s not forget the Drone Bay 125m3 the bandwidth to be a 125 so you can use 5 Heavy’s after I were talking about the ability to go into a wormhole still so you need some pretty good defense

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i have already done the math on this ship you can see my past threads one here and one on the old forums it does not need any place close to 150km3. and you do not need boost as its plenty fine with lower yield considering the rest of the advantages

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Glad your mathematician but I’m not taking away bonuses or giving it any more bonuses when it comes to drone hit points or anything like that it could stay at 50% and whatever it is now just give it bigger Bays basically what I’m saying and some more hit points so yeah maybe I’m saying a little bit more bonuses but not that big of a deal on hit points to make it something magnificent it’s going to cost a little more yes but such as a new ship always cost more I’m selling porpoises right now that I’m doing production with 51 million when I started selling I was getting 56 so they came down in price just the way the market works so unless you’re into manufacturing we don’t need their mathematics really thank you

who said anything about costs or you giving it more bonuses?

and you have to limit the ore bay significantly if you are going to let this thing jump or be bridged

I guess I look at this way Eve online is not real life therefore the physical don’t have to make sense it would be nice to see a ship like this I don’t think ccp is going to let it happen so I don’t think we have to worry about it it’s a good fantasy though

what are you talking about now? no one said anything about conforming to real world physics

Thank you to all for your rapid and spirited response, I appreciate this getting some attention. I agree its not really a need, its really more of a nice to have and would not likely see broad usage immediately. Like the new Monitor CCP just put out for FC’s, an O.R.E. branded BlackOps Command ship would likely be a niche and very expensive ship.

The desire is for O.R.E. built ships focused on this purpose using existing O.R.E. tech adding BlackOps features to enable long range expeditionary capability paired to existing Prospect Expedition Frigates

While the Rq is most definitely the best hauler, its necessary to jump in on a regular cyno that shows on the Map and alerts others to your presence. Not really my idea of “Covert”

True, I covered that setup. However the Raid Op was to Jump in Covertly, mine and leave in a single pass. Given a Fleet of 5 Prospect, 5 Br, 1 BLOPS and 1 T3, you need to make several jumps to get any meaningful haul.

Appreciate you starting to spec it out. I kinda see this one sitting just shy of the Orca on ore hold fleet hangar and boost with no SMB. But that’s just my opinion. Maybe T2 would justify more.

The hauler alone [Perhaps a T2 Miasmos] would be a step in the right direction
I did not mention POS as this was about Raiding, not setting up a beachhead. Jump in, mine till full and jump out. In out, one and done.
“…you want links use an unbonused T3” Covered in initial post.

So a more specialized blockade runner with a compression array, so you can haul compressed ore?

yeah most of us do this now by setting up a small comp POS

When the small structures come out especially the Player owned FOB type, then you could put it next to the field. May need to be 1000km out but still, way quicker than warping to a planet. I think that will be a significant game changer.

I can understand the desire for this. Not an all singing, all dancing booster, hauler, miner. But a bridging mining support ship could be good.

Not cov ops capable. Doesn’t need boosts (not every mining fleet needs boosts) Just a decent ore hold and some mining capabilities (so it’s not afk during the op).

doesn’t need mining capabilities(we have prospects for that) and doesn’t need to bridge we already use BLOPS for that. just needs an ore hold of at least 35km3 to make it worth while.

not really a BR can warp well over 12AUs even at a normal industrial base speed it could warp to a moon and back fast enough not to disrupt mining

Some of us just like to see new ships it’s not that we don’t like the ones that they have already I do plan to pick up an orca and a real short order again my last one I had to sell when I went down null for a while I don’t have the money right now to buy a new one I’m going to get one but at the end of the day the porpoise is a very awesome ship and some of us like the ability to operate solo
me because of my time zone and because of my real life staff and my real life care needs I cannot be on when a whole group of people can be on I operate solo

so I need the ability to do that when the only ship that allows me to do that reliably is the Orca

but the Orca cannot go on the wormholes it’s too big say yes what I like to see a Tech 2 version of a porpoise

I don’t like to have to explain why I need or want something but that’s the only way it seems that you guys understand anything because you’re either too damn old school to want something new or you just like to argue whichever the cases that’s why I would love to see a Tech 2 version of the porpoise that’s my reasoning I can’t vouch for everybody else

what are you talking about? i said nothing about not adding a new ship. none of your posts seem to be responding to what i’m saying are you meaning to reply to me or the thread in general?

except this is exactly why the T1 was added…

Any type of new thread in general people just seem to attack some of the ideas are awesome some of them do really suck but to that person it was awesome I mean the ones like the Venture wanting a third mining laser is absolutely unnecessary it’s called pay for an account but some of the ideas for new ships just because a person wants it it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but people attack people and that makes people less likely to post I mean I have pretty thick skin I can pretty much take any attack that thrown at me I just really would like to see the positive out of people and not the negative all the time