OASA Corp/Alliance US/US TZ is looking for experienced players

Faceless Heavy Industry is recruiting players in the US/EU TZ for home defense and regular roams for fun and ISK!!! Our Alliance has a number of experienced players that are looking for that extra player or 20 to help secure our home in OASA. We are an adult, serious group with ALL of the toys a person might like to play with as well as a group that knows how to have fun when playing the game.

With the war down to the Southwest over there is a lot of moving and stirring going on. TEST has moved to a new area and Goons are on the move also. Our alliance fleet is keeping things quiet for now but soon we will be tasked with securing our area in a serious manner. That means specific formups for short periods of time during the day as well as quick response. While not doing that we have over 60 systems to play in be it Indy or ratting, abyssal runs or some such.

In fleets both shield and armor doctrines are flown depending on the makeup and opposing groups, there is full SRP when in fleet as well as an ISK bonus system. The fleets are run by an experienced FC with a decade of FC experience. Soon we expect there will be an opening or two for an FC position (Or someone that wants to learn) with approval by the chief FC. We also fly with logi support on virtually every mission. The big toys are there and we use them depending on circumstances-we just returned from a weekend BLOPS deployment where a lot of fun was had and no losses on our side.

Currently no CTA’s are in force but regular attendance in fleet/defense is expected. It is sincerely understood that nobody likes to sit around waiting-you are welcome to enjoy the game doing whatever it is you like until intel spikes and then we go into action fast, with gusto and do our business. Filament roams with throwaway ships happen regularly just for fun(ships are provided) as well as the occasional serious roam with a specific purpose.

I would love to speak with you about what our concept is-as an experienced player with 15 years in the game there is an understanding that too many alliances expect us to be robots, always at attention. Our goal is to get a group of people large enough that nobody needs to make sure they are somewhere at an exact time or they get dinged, lol. Having fun is really what a game is supposed to be about, not worrying that the fleet boss is going to be mad at them. If this appeals to you, contact either myself or my boss!
in-game mail : Shostakovich / Procurion / PJ Peng
Discord : Discord
Discord ID : Shostakovich#2802 / PJ Peng#6483

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