Enjoy the game again! No pressure PvP for returning pilots, experienced pilots and beginners!!! US/Euro and RU TZ

Are you a new player that wants more but are a bit leery of jumping into Null Sec? Returning player that wants to get back into the game but doesn’t want to join the “military”, lol? Tired of the war down in Delve and want to have a say about when and how you play? Would you like to step up and become an FC?

Null sec can be safer than High Sec space! We have 80 systems in Oasa and surrounding areas with intel channels, so we know where intruding players are, live and in real-time with constant intel reporting from players in systems!!

You will have experienced FC’s and PvP pilots who are willing to teach or refresh the skills to fly in small and fleet PvP, and we also have a drop fleet. You will fly with Logistics support almost all of the time as well as tacklers and interceptors to complement our fleets. There is no such thing as a stupid question for us, everyone is here to play as friends.

We have a solid base of players that fly everything up to and including Titans. The goal of our coalition is to have fun, enjoy the game since it IS a game, but we are serious about holding our ground and protecting our own. We have a standing fleet with full SRP for quick response to help tackled ships, protect mining fleets and to remove invading roams. New players are taught how to fly in gangs and we get onto the test server to simulate small gang fights where there is no pressure and you can learn what is expected to fly whatever you want to learn, be it fighters, interdictors, interceptors or logistics.

We have PvP on a daily basis, plenty of content and you are not bound to flying in fleet only. A number of our pilots fly solo while chasing neutrals and call in the standing fleet for the kills when they need help. There is generally laughter and jokes on our standing fleet channels when hanging out-we enjoy each other and everyone is approachable. “Clubhouse Chemistry” is very important. We have the silent ones and the talkative ones with all else in between. We do not judge as long as people remain respectful of others…

Most of our fleet is college-age or older with a few young ones and we have female pilots also. Our Teamspeak official language is English for comms purposes but we have Canadians, Americans, British, North and Eastern Europeans, Brazilians, Spanish, Russians, Germans, Chinese and Koreans all working together and in the process we learn about each other’s culture and lives.

New players without much experience will be given a tour of the area with all of the ins and outs of how things work in Null sec. We have specialists who can give advice on the current game and fittings as well as gameplay.

SRP!!! SRP for standing gang/fleet doctrine combat as well as kill awards for solo combat!! Anybody that gets a solo kill is awarded 1/6th of the Killboard value of his/her kill. That means if you kill a ship with a value of 600 million, you get rewarded with 100 million isk!!!

We have fleet doctrines for dozens of ships, we have industry members who make our equipment, regular JF runs between our home system of S7WI-F and Jita for our members as well as a well-stocked market center that we keep at competitive cost level as compared to Jita. Gone are the days of "wishing I could get to Jita”, but if you want to go, you are only 20 minutes away thanks to our jump bridge network. You also do not have to hope for a WH to High Sec space to get a ship, we have most of it down here, from Rorquals to Dreads to T1 and T2 frigates through Battleships and T3-if it isn’t on the market, it will be made for you!

War weary players, we all have been there!!! Mobilizing is exciting. The first 10 to 20 fleet battles are exciting…except…one day you wonder if you really want to log in again because it is going to be more of the same…anchor up, primary this, that. We have great farm-able Anomalies, and of course Abyssals which are much safer than exiting into uncontrolled space when done. You DO NOT have to join the standing fleet and fight EVERY DAY. Some participation is expected, ultimately because we hold this space by PvP but no one will tell you that you must have x-amount of days or hours or fleet participation. We also have public moons and ice belts to mine.

To be honest, most of our people join standing fleet because of the comradery and fun, not because they have to. We all rat and mine or run anomalies, doing as we wish and jumping into a fighter when a fight comes-if we want to. Busy? Not a big deal. This game costs each of us money and it is a game-that means having fun!

If this sounds interesting, If you want to talk and learn more, please contact us now!!!
in-game mail : Shostakovich / Procurion / PJ Peng
Discord : Faceless Heavy industry
Discord ID : Shostakovich#2802 / PJ Peng#6483

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