Oauth API endpoint, the Linux launcher, and upcoming hard fail?

Hey all,

Does the upcoming deprecation of the old authorise endpoints (oauth/authorize, oauth/token and oauth/verify) on the 1st Nov mean that the Linux launcher will suffer from a hard fail on that date? (obv I’m aware that the Linux launcher is considered to be retired).


seems like yes, it will fail.
also why not use windows launcher under wine wuth dxvk?

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how do you install the windows launcher? When I try to specify the install directory, I get an error that “selection includes a non-folder object” no matter which folder I choose.
Is there an up-to-date guide for how to do it?

UPDATE: this bugreport includes a patch that’s supposed to fix the issue. How do I apply it?

I’ve applied that patch to proton-ge, you can find it here

Let me know if it’s working for you.

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