Obsidian Skies - Nullsec Corp - Seeking PVE - Industrial

Want to Rat in your VNI or mine you precious minerals or build everything you’ve always wanted to build? Come join Obsidian Skies
We here have a place for you!
We are mainly AU/US time zone looking for positive, active, team players that want to be part of a tight-knit group, We are based in the Catch region and form part of W4rped Intentions which has members from all around the globe.
You can PVE/PVP and do Indy stuff but I do need you to be willing to attend alliance ops for defence & Offence When your able to
If you want to chat more get InTouch with me in game or Join W4RP Recruit channel

THING’S We Offer

  • Mining
  • Moon Mining
  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Fleets
  • Building
  • Monthly meme Comps

Come Be Part Of Something Great
Regards Des

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