Obsolete blueprints in Data/Relic Sites ? & Other questions

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Just having recently started the game, I noticed a few things doing exploration in wormholes and I was wondering,

POS Blueprints :

Doing several relic/data sites in wormholes, i found blueprints belonging to the POS category like Sansha Medium Pulse Laser or Angel Medium Artillery Battery Blueprint.

Since CCP will soon delete POS, is that an oversight from the devs who forgot to update the cans’ loot to the citadel change ?

The same blueprints and skills :

In a few weeks, half of the blueprints i found were Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer Blueprint. I also found a lot of Zeugma Integrated Analyzer Blueprint.

Same as skillbooks, half of those i found were “faction encryption methods” and “jury rigging” skillbooks.

Is that intended ? Like wormholes data/relic sites are the only source of those and therefore they are overrepresented in loot ?

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The POS blueprints will be reimbursed or exchanged for something relevant to the current game when CCP removes POS. For the time being, POS weapons are still relevant for defending jump bridges.

For the Zeugma, the value is in the high-tech trade goods you need to build them - which are also available at data sites.

Medium Ancillary Armor Repair is extremely profitable at the moment. Even buy orders are in the 400K range and they cost less than 100K to build - don’t complain!


Soon™ doesn’t really mean the same thing in EVE as it does anywhere else. Removing something “soon” basically means: “It’ll be removed at any point from now, until the end of time. Or not. We’ll let you know. Maybe.”

Hanging on to blueprints can hardly be considered a burden. These BPCs used to be a fairly decent reward whenever they were in demand for fitting on important starbases so it can be assumed that what CCP replaces them with will be at least in the same idea of value and utility for citadels.

Thanks for your feedbacks,

I found another one : Shadow Small Railgun Battery. The BPC sells at 1M in contracts but more importantly it’s not relevant anymore to the way Eve is played.

And i am now proudly the owner of my 20th “encryption methods” skill book.

Isk is not the matter in my opinion ( the salvage loot is very good for an activity needing only a T1 frig) but maybe diversity is.

  • After a while you don’t feel anything when you see a skillbook or a blueprint, it’s more “gosh another one”. Eve is a very rich game with a diversity of items and skills, why not having this diversity reflected in the cans’ loot ?

Each can would be like a surprise box : you won’t expect them as a regular source of isk, you will expect them because maybe you have 1/100 odds of finding a special blueprint. And it pushes you to learn more about those skills and items you found.

Curiosity made the cat hack the can.

  • Maybe replace the POS blueprints with citadel blueprints. Right now, if i am not mistaken, data sites are out of favour and people prefer to hack relic sites. As far as I understand, blueprints and skillbooks are supposed to be data sites’ special rewards : without buffing too much the isk, make data sites more interesting would make them attractive again.

On the Isk side, you stockpile salvage parts but exploration shouldn’t be only about stockpiling salvage parts and stockpiling isk : randomness and unexpected surprises is what makes exploration feels like… exploration.



worth of a can = sum(item) (loot_probability(item)*BO(item)*0.99)

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