Question about loot found on relic/data sites in wormholes

I’m a new player, started 2 moths ago.
I live and breathe doing relic and data sites nothing else, now i look for loot that have a lot a value like Enhanced Ward Console or Intact Armor Plates, and lately i been exiting wormholes with a lot of high value loot.
Now in past i found a item in a data site(correct me if I’m rong) named “yan jung singularity fact sheet” but i dont find it in loot table on wiki university
Are there other loot tabels, or can any1 give me a link with all loot tables?

Thank you!

if it is just to find the correct name or the value, just search it on the market window in game or on evepraisal?
if not, i don’t understand what you want

that’s storyline item craft. You can have bpcs in sleeper cache that need them.

I thinked that loot tabels one eve university were exact, but someone on discord explained to me that what i see on that site is actually the most common items that are found on relic and data sites so its clear now
Item was sold for a very very good price :slight_smile:

thank you for info, hope to find some more in future :sunglasses:

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