Obtaining Trade goods via looting


I’m interested rp wise in hunting down targets that would most likely have trade goods like dairy etc; is there a specific level of sec mission and faction etc fr this --if its even possible to target?


Well, I can tell you that there are indeed missions that do drop trade goods such as this. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you off hands which ones. If you really want, you can try pouring through Eve Survival. They might have the information you need, but they will often only list more valuable loot.

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Aye, thanks mate

I’m not sure they are around any more, I’ve not looked.

Check out NPC stations. They used to have NPC industrial ships moving goods. You could shoot up the ships and loot the cargo. It was always of the “trade goods” variety.

The value of the goods was low and station guns will shoot at you at up to 150km. The haulers would warp in at about 250km every 15 minutes or so. This could all be different now, it has been a very long time since I looked. Grids are bigger now too, so who knows.

Go see :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you !

I have rec’d milk and wheat before probably from destroying npc warehouses but i cant recall where and thus dont know where to hunt them down again outside of missions that rng in

I did some research and it seems they no longer exist. There are NPC haulers in belts, but they drop minerals and have decent support from NPC fleets I hear.


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I appreciate the info and efforts comrade, thanks again

You’re welcome.

Hehe, when I started playing EVE, I also began hauling this stuff into Lowsec, just like I was used to in “Elite” decades ago - I wondered how to buy/get slaves and drugs and how much the sec status may suffer. Well, it was kinda disappointing.
I think this concept is from the very beginning of EVE, not pursued any more by the developers for over a decade.

Recently I did salvage of that kind of loot from some NPC’s.
But the market is so bad for resale. Hardly worth hauling it anywhere to sell it.

Might you remember where etc the NPC was?

That I do like about Elite --the many different commodities and ways to obtain things…from a RP pt of view at least

Sorry I dont.

I figured it out. It was destroying and looting Serp bases. Lots of consumable goods there.

NIce! Thanks!

A note on building destruction: the majority of NPC structures that you can blow up cost an insane amount of ammo to destroy compared to their loot drops, AND give a substantial faction standing hit. Be careful of who owns the structure before blapping it so you don’t take unplanned hits.

Thank you. I remember that on one mission i destroyed some buildings not realizing the consequence. These that the rats own will only be the ones i take out

Depends on the mission level.

I just did a lvl1 agent mission and the structures went down pretty easily.

Did the structure loot pay for the ammo required to destroy the structure? In most missions, the answer will be ‘barely’ or ‘not by a long shot’. It gets progressively worse as you go up in mission level, aside from missions where blapping the structure is the whole mission objective.

How much ammo you think it took??

I wasn’t counting but it wasn’t thousands of rounds.