Of clone soldiers & mordu specials

Question arising is simple. Is there or is there not a “formula” for triggering mordu special warfare rats?

I have sold BPC from around 12 assorted mordu (frigate/ cruiser/ BS) and seen perhaps 20 spawned in total. Over an eight week period. At that rate/ amount of isk, it is seductive to think they might be (semi) farmable.

My starting point was there appeared (maybe?) to be a relationship between number of clone soldiers killed and subsequent appearance of a mordu. This working theory let me spawn five mordu on five attempts. However, theory has now gone a bit pear-shaped given I can no longer predictably trigger clones in first place.

That said, if you ignore any BS (which I need third party help to kill anyway) it looks like you probably can farm frigates. Until someone does kill the BS and then all bets are off.

Bottom line, does anyone have predictable info on spawning of clones and/or mordu, other than the “old hat” just kill everything and wait ?

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Good question, unfortunately those who engage in that content probably don’t want to share the knowledge, especially if it generates good ISK.

Even if someone have. They will never publicly share their isk printing methods. And it’s good to assume that it’s simple RNG. Same as with clone soldiers: percentage chance each time rats spawn.

Also if too many people know a formula for rat spawns and such CCP will often change the patterns and drop rates to compensate.

Evidence suggests it might not be. Especially when it appears you can trigger more than one mordu at a time. Altho, duplication might just be coincidence, as statistically it should also still happen under RNG.

I wondered about that, altho it sounded a bit “conspiracy theory” to me. Can you confirm that this does in fact happen?

In the past CCP has done stealth changes to spawn rates and loot drops which usually takes a while for players to notice. And when those players who notice it say something about it, a bunch of other players will say it’s RNG.

I’ve been playing this game for over 12 years now and I’m more inclined to think it’s a stealth change done by CCP than it being RNG.


I‘m not an expert, but likelihood of good spawns seems to rise with number of belts cleared. If you go around and clear all rats in a system with many belts the rats tend to get „better“. This comes together with that many belts also gets you more respawns in total of course.

Hence trigger as many new spawns per time to get the good stuff.

There are many “way too obvious” changes to drops for different pve activities that only last for a few weeks and then change again, for it to be RNG.

But the only people who notice are the ones doing it properly and a lot, and most people just “clown around” so to them it feels just like normal RNG.

Been playing since 2003 and yes they change stuff all the time. One of the most obvious changes was Officer spawns after downtime that they nerfed years ago. CCP doesnt tell us of a lot of changes as we will just game the hell out of it if they did so instead they just do it.

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