Altering Moon Goo Jackpot Chance

I have no idea where to ask these questions but I’ll give it a shot.

Will CCP when they think it’s necessary in order to balance the market according to their view alter the chances of Moon Goo Jackpots being spawned?

And if yes will they announce these changes publicly when they change it with updates or any other kind of updates?

Why I ask this, I have played several MMO(RPG) games over the past, many times I’ve noticed changes being made in the chances of loot drop whether it be up or down in chance, I’m a grinder so I notice it very quickly.
What I also noticed is these changes were never made public to my knowledge inside patch notes for example, so suddenly my drop rate went significant lower.
I even got one game where they advertised for the premium 300% drop rate increase, and I was like wow it is already plenty drops now without it, only to find out suddenly my drop rate was 300% reduced compared the rate it was before.
( like telling alpha if they upgrade to omega they get double skill training speed, while it’s actually the normal rate and alpha is actually the handicapped rate and the boosted rate doesn’t exist, it’s all about PR spin department :stuck_out_tongue:)

Example, Person A calculates it will be a good investment to buy x amount of Moon Goo product Z to sell it for good profit 1 month later, even if it’s calculations were 100% perfect, if CCP is altering numbers behind closed doors, the person might even actually doubt his calculations and accidentally sends his golden oracle to Valhalla, just kidding but you get what I mean.

Example, Person B buys up KADOR skins worth billions and billions but got them cheaper for hundred of millions, there is nothing wrong with investing if you like to do that (I do that 2 but I’m very bad at it)
Than CCP idea machine artificially flood the market with KADOR skins, dropping the price to a few 100k, which was worth billions before.YOU MUST FEEL PRETTY ■■■■ AFTER THAT :joy::sleepy::sob:
(and promises free plex for participants :smirk:)

So my question is, will there be changes being made in the chance rate of Jackpot Moon Goo if they think inside CCP it is necessarily (in order to alter the market prices)
And if so, will this be shared publicly unlike other MMO(RPG) games? (any changes or altering of Moon Goo Jackpot)

More likely than not they’ll just alter the refine rates, this has been done before with normal roids.

You can’t change refine rates without it being it publicly know to people tho.
The issue here is, if they changed for example the rate of jackpots being spawned, how would you find out if this was not publicly shared? It’s not easy to grind where you pop up pieces of moon every few seconds or even each hour, there is a lot of time in between, it would maybe at least take a year to even get a sense something is changed.
There are many multiplayer games where they alter with the chance rates, more than people would expect, I know CCP tends to give statements upfront most of the time I believe, people would notice it anyway tho.
It’s just EVE Online is a game with a lot of market people and dumb investors like myself, I just like to know what I’m up to in a basic extend with this stuff, just like many others maybe.

They’ve announced changes to the unpublished and unknown to players spawn rates of escalations from anomolies to new unknown and unpublished spawn rates before. All we were ever told was the direction of the change, not even the magnitude.

IMO budget any moon mining operation on not getting the jackpot, enjoy it when it happens.

They say it atleast and tell when it happens and on what part of the game.
I don’t think that was a very bad communication for a bonus mechanic imo.

We do not have the numbers, the only piece of info that I gathered is that the longer the operation of pulling a moon chunk is the more asteroids it will have as well as a bigger chance of hitting a jackpot, now for how much, don’t know, but should be at least more noticeable than spamming minimal time operations.

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