Clone Soldier ships missing?

I used to see 1 or 2 Clone Soldier ships per visit in the lo-sec systems I regularly check, but I haven’t seen a single one for several days now. Anyone else seen one recently/noticed this absence ?

Maybe it’s part of CCP’s Resource Reduction plan, making it tougher to quickly regain Security Status?

That’s what I was wondering…

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I’ve just checked the systems near Dodixie. Found 5 clone soldiers in 4 systems (down to 0.3 in security). Didn’t have time to check the 0.2 & 0.1 systems.

Hrm. Have they nerfed the clone soldier spawn rate?

Thanks for the data point - maybe it’s just the normal variation in spawn rates.

i’ve noticed a huge drop today was wondering what was going on.

Be nice to know if it’s a bug, a feature or a statistical anomaly…

I found 2 in Solitude just yesterday. Rng…

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I found a bunch in Black Rise the other day. They’re still there.

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Could it be that more people are out & about (in space) due to being stuck inside, so they’re just not there (cause they’re dead) when you pass through? I guess this would depend more on where in space you are and your TZ than anything else though.


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I haven’t even seen any wrecks, so I don’t think that’s it.

I know a lot of people, me included, who clean even the wrecks (some salvage it - some destroy it).

I just went for a trip out of my wh into an 0.1 to see if there were any around - and promptly ran into a horde of Blood Raiders who webbed, scrammed, target-painted and killed me in no time at all. Such is life…

It’ll have to wait till i’ve built another Ishkur before I can try again.

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