Of Pizza Delivery Fame: Mercantile Suns is recruiting

Hello there fellow Space Potatoes! Are you hungry for some pizza? Want some good nullsec content?

I am the Founder and CEO of Mercantile Suns, a PVP/Indy corp and part of the Dead Heaven Syndicate PvP Alliance (henceforth referred to as “The State”).

We are looking for Solo Pilots, small gang enthusiasts, blops droppers, and anyone else that thinks an exploding ship is a good time. Currently we have no skill requirements, but we do have doctrine fits we expect you to train up for at best speed.

Now That I have your attention, what can we provide for You?

Content. Plain and simple. We have State Funded Skirmish Campaigns in content rich environments. For Example, our current deployment is in [Redacted], having fun while everyone else is scrambling to take over Outposts.

Loyalty Programs. Loot and Resource Buyback, SRP for Doctrine fits and Paid Bounties on player Kills (30 million standard and 60 million in Deployment arenas).

Dedicated Alliance Logistics. Your toys and needs will be delivered in a timely fashion to the sponsored content area of choice. Its as simple as Copy, Paste, submit and within a few short days your care package is ready for use. No more Black Magic Rituals or deals with the Devil required.

A chance to grow with a great community as we make our mark on the universe.

F.A.Q. - “What’s the catch?”

We are small in number currently, but very feisty. We want you to grow with us while the steel is still hot. We require Participation. That’s all we ask. We want active killers. We require blood sacrifices to please our War Gods. 3+ kills a month per character you bring in.

“What about Sov? You’re not renters are you?”

Absolutely not. The State through it’s actions and relations has been gifted some backwater systems in deep null for our recreational use. They serve as a home and offers a relaxed locale for our Content Creators when they need a breather between combat drops and deployments. Sov is a headache and while we may take it here and there when it suits our purpose, We function just fine without it. We are currently watching some timers carefully and have plans on taking sov soon.

“Where do I sign up?”

It’s super easy! Our Discord is a good place to start.

You can also Apply in game by visiting us in our Public Channel “MSKE” The best Time to get a response on discord is from 5pm - 1am CST.

You can also PM me hereor in-game Kadr.

We look forward to seeing your application and future participation on our ops.

Good hunting

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