Offering FOB Removal Services

Having trouble with a Blood Raider FOB in your home system? Have you had your mining fleets disrupted or even lost a station to these rats? Contact me via in-game mail for a quote on quick and efficient removal services and return to your normal operations today!

Still offering FOB removal services. Contact me via in-game mail!

Hello folks, we are still offering FOB removal services. As usual, Contact me via in-game mail if interested. :slight_smile:

Checking in once more. As always, contact me for any BR Fob Removal Needs!

Still offering removal services. You know what to do!

whats the average cost?

That depends on how many FOB’s need to be removed and where they are located. I’d be happy to give you a quote. Send any relevant details to me via Eve-mail and we can work something out. :slight_smile:

Still offering FOB Removal Services.