Officer rats (tobias)

I have been playing eve long enough to have reached all of my goals except one. I have never seen an officer rat, killed him and looted an ultra valuable purple mod. in particular I want to get myself a tobias web. discussing the topic with some others, they mentioned toby may not even exist anymore, since all other officers have registered kills in 2020 except Toby. has anyone seen Tobias in the past year? his last zkill entry is 2017. Is Tobias gone forever?

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They exist in angel space

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to even get an officer to spawn, and the chance of it being a tobias is at the very most 1/4, although it’s probably that high tier officers spawn less often.

Officer rats usually also are extremely difficult to kill. I know that some of the high tier officer rats can tank 5000 dps (2 carriers), while some can melt battleships rapidly. I don’t exactly know how difficult the tobais is to kill, but at the very least be prepared to drop a dread to kill it.

Also, there isn’t exactly a high chance of getting the web to drop even if you manage to kill the officer. The officer drop will choose from a rather large loot pool, 21 for just tobias.

Getting ANY officer spawn apparently takes about 400-2000 belt/gate rat kills in -0.8 or lower space. Assuming the best case scenario that all officers have the same spawn rate, you would need to on average need to kill 100k (((400+2000)/2)421) NPC rats in belts before an officer spawns.

However, most people find officer spawns simply by wandering around systems rather than trying to farm specific systems.

TL;DR if you’ve been playing eve long enough, just go buy one for like 17b on forums or the market/contract/hypernet


I completely understand that actually getting a Tobias comes with a number of issues, and that getting the web to drop is even more of an issue. but if Tobias spawns are not broken like COSMOS missions, wouldn’t someone have derped into him and died in a fire at least once in the past 3 years?

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It’s possible someone has, but not everyone has their KB reporting to ZKill, which might explain the ‘missing’ data point.


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after putting some thought into it, I think I will go for chelm over in sanchas space. no 65 bil DCU but the overall number of more valuable mods looks pretty nice. also the space seems just the right level of accessible.

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