Offline Contacts File

Having the ability to create a file with contacts and export it, kinda like the online bookmarks folder, but the idea would creating a file for sharing with other people.

You must be very popular, though how long with it take to create your own list while having the game open and maintain that list as simular to a hard copy where you can also store the notes on each contact and every Capsuleer on your contact list could have their own file?

I don’t know.

You don’t know if you are able to create your own file system?
Tape recorders or the card system, I like the card system for contacts.

If there is a way to export then someone would know, apparently I don’t know also!

Thanks, I will have a look on that, so there is a file I can export and import to other clients?
So I can see who is blue and reds?
I’m interested if that is the case… I will open a ticket about it maybe.

Well there is the blue box storage system where the cards you write on and place inside.

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