Shareable Contact Lists, please!

The shareable bookmark system is really awesome - now let’s get a similar system for contacts, please

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Can you explain why this might be needed? What purpose in the game it would serve?

It’s called joining a Corp


Just one example: I have over 600 ganker contacts on one char. To share them with my other chars that are in different places, I have to send 10 mails to share all of them and there’s no way to compare existing vs new contacts between chars unless I either share new contacts right away or memorize them. Contact ACL would help a lot and I could also share the contacts with other people.


May as well just make everyone in the game red. :upside_down_face:

Again, Corp solves this. There is even this neat things corps can join to share contacts even further.

No, corps do not solve this. Switching corps back and forth just to synchronize contacts is stupid and nothing one should expect to do. Neither do alliance contacts. For one, I am surely not going to pay 1B to form an alliance and then millions of ISK each month to keep an alliance just to share and synch contacts. Secondly, I can’t take my chars out of or their corps out of existing alliances all the time just to do that because of waiting periods and wars. Hence: No, neither corps nor alliances solve anything and arguing that they would is stupid CCP logic and can be ignored outright as sad jokes and refusal to do the job you are getting paid for. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had not stopped being in space so much it might well have ended that way. At times, gankers and citadel scammers have been producing alts faster than lusty rabbit breed.

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Counter-point: Access lists are a beautiful thing and more system services should use them.


Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should.

Having one list everyone in hs can subscribe to that has every one who has ever ganked. Updated constantly. Sounds a bit too powerful.

Shareable ignore lists too, please.

I rarely put people on my ignore list, but it’s really tiring to see that same guy talking nonsense each time I’m on one of my alts.

However this will be too powerful when half of New Eden is using the same ignore list and you end up on it, and the same issues arise with a sharable contact list, as @Lugh_Crow-Slave said.

How could we have a sharable list for alts without having those same lists shared between large groups of EVE players?


This could be a great scam.

Selling an ignore list for ‘all jita scammers’, but what you really give them ignores everyone.

Suddenly silence.


Mailing lists can be handy between characters

Except it has an upper limit of THREE (3) online shares at a time. I don’t consider that awesome

This includes shares I have myself made available. So it is too limited to be actually useful for the serious explorer.

We have to micro manage what shares we have online at a time, it becomes cumbersome, especially if you are a solo explorer, in an ad-hoc fleet and in an NPC corp.

This really isn’t the right post to complain about that

I was basically showing that if they do implement such a feature, it will be limited and hindered by some bound.

Currently there is an issue that it is impossible to unblock and remove contacts, I have thousands blocked but have tried to remove them, they keep coming back. It simply is not allowing me to unblock and remove previously blocked users.

Now, put that in the context of a shared contact list, we know you want it for blocked users. It will be buggy, and limited.

Just how many different sets of people does a “serious explorer” need to be sharing book marks with?

#Scanning channel perhaps? I sometimes share my exploration scans with people.

Sometimes I have shares that I want to one off drop a BM for their use, that’s on top of the Thera and Trig shares I have online from others. I can also perhaps get other shares from others. Perhaps I may want ot see the Points of Interest shares too in my roams.

Not everybody huddles in a single corp and keeps their shares that way.

I have 1 folder for alliance, 1 for public, and one for my alts.

And belive it or not the gave is in fact built to encourage you to work in a Corp and alliance. If you want to fight that you’re going to have to accept it being more difficult.

I don’t want to be bound to an alliance or corp. That may fit your play style, but not mine.

This really isn’t the place