Shareable Standing / Block lists

Using the newly created access lists features, the ability to create a contacts list and share it or a block list and share it would be immense.

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No, for the same reasons as the last thread

Which were?
Player convenience and qol?

not even a month old, just go read it

I don’t understand your objection to this. What if I want to transfer standings from Corp A to Corp B? Or be able to easily block all the spammers on a new alt in Jita? I get that it’s a non-zero amount of dev time but I don’t think it would be that major and there actually are use cases for it.

The Eve-Scout kerfuffle recently made it clear again the pitfalls of putting too much faith in a centralized system. Folks can weasel their way into manipulating ignore/block lists.

If people want to assemble powerful systems built on trust, I see no serious issues in helping streamline the process.

Missing the obvious point here, exactly this type of contact list is already possible, but less convenient.

This kills his argument.

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limiting its usability.

there would be no need for any significant levels of trust.

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