Old post from 2015, needs to be relooked. By: Nyalnara

#1 - 2015-06-10 07:21:51 UTC

Well, I’m pretty sure that most people reading the title will be able to guess where this thread is going to end… Yes, Jita. (Or any other Hub, really.) Jita Local is full of spam, scam and all that. And i appreciate having clear com channels, which is not going to happen there. Never ever.

So i just blocked them all. Again. And again. And… Until someday i managed to block them all.

Then i jumped to Jita with another alt. Oh s***, time to block again.

So here is the proposition: i’d like to be able to block people on more than one character at the same time… Here are a few ideas on how to do it, feel free to add other ideas or potential solutions, i’ll edit the list later to add them.

  • Make the default block-list account-wide. (Harsh version, not sure if possible depending on how contacts are implemented.)
  • Add a second block-list account-wide, with a “block contact (account-wide)” button in contextual menu. (Soft version, not sure if possible depending on how contacts are implemented.)
  • In the block-list tab from the contact window, add a button which generate a shareable block-list, which can later be imported on another character. You can now regularly send it through mail to all your alts, like you would do with an overview link. Permit sharing with alts on multiple account. Could be abused, exactly like overview links can.)

Why? Cause people going out of their way, desperately trying to make a return on their invested IRL money. This affects the entire public channel network EVE online has.

Or make it impossible to link hypernet offers in local/public channel and give them their own category to spam this.


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