Chat block list snyc or output-input

when I login to game, EVE-Online right.
I have chat channels
Local channels
Corp channels
AAA channels
BBB channels
and so on channels

! and spammer just keep post something

! This is crazy long text and 7x24 offending

! OK,I can block it hundreds of spammer, Thank you CCP for this chat block function

but you know EVE-Online one account 3 character
when I switch to another character in same account
switch to another account’s character
the chat block list is empty
I can not do sync or output-input chat block list to this character

the only thing I can do is block it hundreds of spammer again one by one
it can not to be doing on again
this is crazy

I want
chat block list sync or output-input from A character to B character
just like Share overview in game


That’s right, I want this.

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While I agree with and support the idea behind it and this might be a solution in some cases the sad reality is the more abusive spammers recycle alpha accounts on a daily or couple days basis to come around blocks.

Thus in my opinion to address the issue CCP has to do something against the spam specifically and spamming should become an immediately bannable offense on all accounts a person has associated with them including ones they didn’t link together but CCP can easily identify belonging to the same person.

To assist with this a new “Report chat spammer” option or something similar should be added to character options that anyone could click to easily report such people. Of course the same rules and warning message should apply and appear as in case of misusing the “Report ISK spammer” function currently in game, as in misusing it and fake reporting will or at least might come with consequences.

Another thing of note is that block list is part of the contact list so even on its own this is a good idea even if not 100% effective against (more dedicated) spammers. Exporting contact lists (with the option to select to include or exclude certain categories like which standings, buddies, blocked for example would be a good addition too so you can export only blocked people or all contacts or negative standings only (like ganker groups) or whatever other mixture you want and easily share it with others or your alts similar to what you already mentioned: overview settings.

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Yes please.

Maybe also add a word filter that blocks the whole message when it contains the word, not just censor the word only. No more “Firesale”, “leaving EVE” or “receive 1m skill points” spam just by filter.

i want this

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i want this :sweat_smile:

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i want this

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