Contact List & Standings Managment - Updates & Attention

Just a suggestion that I’m sure has come up before regarding the contact list and management of standings.

I’ve played off and on since 2006. I think there have been some tweaks to the contact list system along the way “Maybe not?” since 06 in EVE, but from what I can recall through-out the years, it seems to have stayed pretty much the same.

I would suggest to devout some resources to at least study what it might take to improve the system even minimally.

As a suggestion I have the following ideas which may or may not be worth a penny for your thoughts:

  • Double the amount of Contacts with standings recorded per Character/Corporation

  • Update the contact list system to resemble the options in custom locations, so that a pilot can share and update contact lists with other pilots and corporation/alliance members quickly and efficiently, such as linking to EVE mails and MOTD’s, the same as with Custom Ship Fits and Channel Links & URL Links. Sharing a custom contact list, would either overwrite the existing named custom contact list “If it is the same name”, or you could change the name and save it as your own custom list.

  • This might be a stretch, but quickly switching active and inactive contact lists with standings, so you could quickly change your perspectives, would also be awesome but may be beyond technical limitations even in 2021.

  • Include a “Note system” to add perhaps a 100 characters limit note that would show a brief typed note about the contact that could be read at a glance from the contact list itself and from any custom label category to add more meaning to why you have a contact saved in a particular standing category or custom label. I suppose one could argue that the labels are like notes, but they are not really, it would be better to assign them per contact as the the label system is a more generalized categorization system.

I realize these ideas are probably no small feat on the back end of behind scenes linking and database storage, however, it’s way over time to update the contact/standings system for EVE, surely technology has progressed enough to do some minor improvements to the system, and I would bet, that any improvement would have a positive impact on pilot interactions and content, as EVE Online is very much about data management, and organizing the ways it is presented to suit the pilots play style no matter if they enjoy PVP or PVE activities.

In any case, just food for thought.

Best Regards,
Allen S.

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I wish you could assign more colors so that you could more easily distinguish between different players (such as being able to distinguish high value targets, anti-gankers, and douchebags you’d like to kill from characters with bad and terrible standings set by your corp or whatnot).

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