(Aideron Audeles) #1

When are you going to remove restrictions on teh number of personal, corporate and alliance contacts???
There is no resonable reason to have restrictions on the number of contacts, and for that matter also on ship fit ingame.

(Cypherous) #2

Sure there is, these things take up space on the server, depending on the storage system being used there may be a hardcoded limit, its probably also to prevent a single group from having too many contacts, i mean why do you need that many, justify a valid reason for needing them :stuck_out_tongue:

Fits can be exported locally so you can in theory have infinite if you manage them properly

(Aideron Audeles) #3

Valid reason. I like to keep track on who is my friend and who iis a RED bastard that needs to die. :slight_smile: And that is not feasable in the current contact structure :slight_smile:

(Cypherous) #4

Just set the corp or alliance red, you don’t need to set individual people, also, everyone who isn’t purple is a bastard who needs to die, its very simple :wink:

(Aideron Audeles) #5

I do know how the system works mate :slight_smile: That is not the issue. The issue is that some of us do not play by NPSI or NBSI but NRDS and that does tend to need more regulation on the contact lists than all of you who just shot right and left at everyone :wink:

(Cypherous) #6

Or, you do what provi block does and have a KoS page people can search because trying to manage all this â– â– â– â–  is utterly pointless

At the end of the day if you’re getting to the point that you actively need to track this many people on a regular basis then you have other issues and should just change to NBSI instead

(Max Deveron) #7

Seriously though, why could not the lists of contacts and ship fits not be saved client side?
Maybe then the limits could be non-restricted and the responsibility would be on the player to maintain their own drive space and machines…like dont burn them out and have backups for just in case.

(Cypherous) #8

Because serverside lists make more sense, otherwise you would have to take them all with you whenever you were going to go somewhere else, it owuld require people to backup far too much and far too often and could still be lost, it would also enable people to share standings lists far too easily and means you would be handing that information out to spies who would just have to copy and paste a file as intel instead of having to actually work for that information :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #9

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