Change contact limit of 1,024

I don’t want to praise myself here, but i have a “small” project going on which, among other things, helps many new players and also makes EVE a little more friendly - I don’t want to go into it in detail …

For this I have to add many players as contacts so that I can recognize them later
Unfortunately iI have now reached the limit of 1,024 contacts and can no longer add anyone :frowning:

Wouldn’t it be possible to increase or abolish this limit ???

Dear EVE community - please support my suggestion !!!

Many Thanks


I have not checked your employment history, but make a corps and use it to add contacts. If even more is needed, then make an alliance and those corps can make contacts, also.

Not saying anything wrong about your idea, just offering a work-around.

I can’t see why there is a limit so I am 100% behind this idea.

1024 contacts is 2 to the power of 10 so perhaps it is linked to a programming limit rather than an actual game reason. Should be easy enough to expand or remove.

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I agree- CCP has been pushing for more player interaction the last two years. So why not remove a hindrance to doing that? If a player is doing lots of interactions they’re going to run out of list room pretty fast. Having to find work arounds for this limit (that is good idea for the short term) adds unnecessary complexity. This must be a huge inconvenience for big corps.

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Good idea. A limit for contacts make no sense to me.

I completely agree. There are so many people that you meet on Eve that to have a limited contact list is useless. I know there are workarounds for Corps. But if your just an average player it sucks. Please Eve I beg you, expand the contact list!