Offshore Drilling is Recruiting! Veteran Group, NPF, All TZ, O+A

Offshore Drilling is currently recruiting pilots of New Eden!

We Mine. We Build. We Fight.

We are currently operating out of the Placid region and are excited and eager to expand this small but growing venture with a focuseed array of activities for all pilot levels and preferences with an active and established community that shall remain separate from any galaxy-wide conflicts.

Our established group is a tight-knit assortment of industry veterans, eager to implement this new long-standing vision. Currently seeking pilots in all timezones, we welcome both Alpha and Omega capsuleers. From Newbro-friendly mentorship to advanced Industry activities and everything in-between, you’ll find that Offshore Drilling offers a wide selection of opportunities welcome to all levels of play.

What we can provide:

  • Newbro and Alpha friendly programs.
  • RetVet and Omega friendly programs.
  • HiSec Industry Activities and Facilities.
  • LowSec Industry Activities and Facilities.
  • J-Space Opportunities.
  • Active PvE Group Programs including Incursions (Vanguards & Assaults Doctrines)
  • Upward Mobility both for Leadership and Fleet Commander roles
  • Corporate Buyback Program
  • SRP Program

What we hope you can provide:

  • A Working Microphone
  • Access to Discord
  • Curiosity and engagement

If you would like to inquire about joining us please feel free to reach out through our recruitment channel “Join the BOD” or you can use Discord.

Offshore Recruitment Status: OPEN

Offshore Recruitment Status: OPEN

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