New-bro friendly corporation set up in Hi-Sec focusing on Manufacturing, Mining, Mission Running, and providing a safe home for incursion runners and explorations. We are based out of Amarr space and are within 5 jumps of the major trade hub, major L4 mission hub, and lo-sec for roams and PI needs. We currently have two athanors, one simply for refining and manufacturing, and one for moon mining, and are looking to expand into more. We are primarily EU and US TZ.

Looking for Pilots interested in:

  • Mining
  • T1-T2 Production
  • Mission Running
  • Incursion Fleets
  • Small Gang Roams.

We Offer:

  • Ore Buyback
  • SRP during incursion Fleets
  • New-Bro Friendly Environment
  • Growing stockpile of BPOs and BPCs for use
  • A learning environment for growing Industrialists and PvE-ers alike
  • Moon Mining and buyback
  • Active Discord and chats

Join us in-game @ Omega Vanguard Recruitment to chat with a recruiter today!

bump, still looking for active EU and US TZ players to join our great community.

Bumping to the top!

We are still looking for:

Mission Runners
Incursion Runners

We have recently started organizing FOB fleets to help our members earn ISK along with weekly moon mining ops with an average of just over 6mil m3 of moon goo per week.

Join @ Omega Vanguard Recruitment to speak with a recruiter!

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