Omega Vanguard - Built for Newbros and Vets in Hisec

Omega Vanguard is an active corporation with a strong sense of community, and help build a good foundation for new and seasoned players in New Eden. We offer:

  • A Discord!
  • L4 missions close to home.
  • PvP fleet roams.
  • Corp events and challenges with big rewards.
  • Fleets for mission running and mining (orca fleet boosting).
  • Ore Buyback program.
  • Two trade hubs close to home
  • Friendly and Supportive, we understand real life comes first.
  • Provide basic mining ships.
  • Teach you how to build your own ships!

If you are a new player and want the best start, join us today!
If you have any questions come say hi in the Omega Vanguard Recruitment channel in game.

Best regards,

Still actively searching

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