Project Omega Industries looking for newbros and veterans


We’re currently looking for newbros and veterans to be interested in joining our corporation. The main advantage you will find in our corporation is the community that we are based around. Hearty and welcoming. Our community is always open and inviting

Some of the perks that we offer to our corporation pilots are;

/ Active corp leadership.
/ Rich PvP and PvE systems with daily activities.
/ -1.0 systems with high index rates for Industry and for raw isk grinding.
/ Capital warfare
/ The backing of powerful FCs, Alliance and a Coalition.
/ New pilot friendly.

What we require from you;

/ Have a working microphone and be on comms while you are undocked in our Alliance sov.
/ A willingness to learn and a good attitude
/ Self sufficency
/ Very basic English skills

We operate in both US and EU timezones.(curently focused in USTZ)

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