💥 [OG.] OPPRESSIVE GENTLEMEN - Pilots for Hire to set it on fire

“We gentlemen are occasionally required to insert ourselves into situations that are not to our liking, but you see, that’s what makes us gentlemen.”

OG. is an fairly new Alliance with an experienced team of Mercs in HS for hire. Our focus lies on HS and WH Space and we are specialized in Citadel Attack and Defense, ganking and War declaraton services alike. We follow our codex of morale and stick with the deal.

If you seek professionalism and a crew who finish the job and don´t just insult random people in local, you clicked the right link :sunglasses:

:crossed_swords: You can pay us for: :shield:

  • WH Evictions
  • WH Defense
  • Deanchoring Services in HS and LS (depending on the region)
  • Pocco Takeover
  • Wardec Support
  • Defensive Fleets
  • Logistic support for Deployments and asset transportation
  • Corp Hopping or Structure safety measures

We also offer help with Corporation Level and Alliance founding if needed.
:money_with_wings: For Prices or special occurances, lets talk first.

Contact Averon Kruger, TreasureGoblin or Crashbobby ingame or visit our OG. Public

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Decided to part ways with Ahab?

Well, the decission was not on us to do. Let´s say, the leadership had their fair share of drama. In the end, we had to split up.

AHAB is a shell of its former capabilities which is sad tbh. We decide to keep up the work with a new brand and the people who want to undock with us. In the end it´s for the better I guess.

I´ve seen there where changes on your side too - interesting.

Good luck to you guys

thx :slight_smile: