🥃 ALLIANCE - [OG.] Oppressive Gentlemen - ransom your way to the top!

“We gentlemen are occasionally required to insert ourselves into situations that are not to our liking, but you see, that’s what makes us gentlemen.”

OPPRESSIVE GENTLMEN is searching for new Corps and Mercs in HS

We are searching for new Merc Corporations to boost our ranks and reach of operations.

If you and your mates are working in the deanchoring Business, ransom blap stations, gank and work in contracts, you might fit in the club!

We are mostly active in EU TZ but open for other TZ as well and localized in HS around Amarr - but all regions are possible.
Free Wardec Control for every Corp and a small Hirarchy, your own structures and a fair loot System for Alliance wide OPS are our way to go. But you can roam free and create your content as you like.

Only rules are professionalism and reliability in your contracts as and a calm manner in Local towards customers and Targets alike - gentlemen style.

If you are a merc veteran group already or want to start with this kind of content, then consider joining our club for more pilots in your fleets and juicy targets in your reach.

Interested to join our Club of oppressive Gentlemen?
Then contact Averon Kruger or Crashbobby ingame - or wisit OG. Public for a chat.


up you go :slight_smile:

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