Oi you, EU timezone, low-sec pirate murderous scum type who might be interested in faction warfare. Read this one. 🇪🇺

Casual Sunday afternoon…

And this ain’t even our main fleet of the day.

Come join good corp, stupot!

Yesterday’s killboard was like, seven pages long.

Just a casual bump.

Still recruiting! For democracy! Or something like that.

One of our guys caught 'em.

Looking for solo and smallgang killers.

We were one of the top killing corps in the game last week!


We’ve recruited a lot of people lately.

Recruitment requirements have gone up a bit just so we can level things out.

Still recruiting!

??? Yep. Recruiting.

Yep, top 10 on points in the game.


Stillllllll recruiting.

And still.

Here we are. A corp that happens to be recruiting.

Woo! PVP!

im lookin to join ya, i have 54mio sp on my main and each about 20 on both my alts (ye im tripleboxing)
but my zkill only has close to 300 kills :((

Sorry mate it’s a little bit low for us at the moment. We’ve taken on a lot of players recently so our recruitment requirements are pretty much staying as they are for the forseeable future. :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

Apparently still recruiting!