Okay I have a few lore Questions

How does a capsuleer enter and exit a pod and can a capsuleer your walk around the bridge of Orca and get out of his pod when he’s on the ship or even a porpoise because they’re pretty big ships (( hypothetically speaking))


A pod is only being opened on a station or structure. You cannot leave your pod while on a ship. And if you could, your ship would lose 90% of it’s capabilities because it would be piloted by inefficient, inexperienced and ill-educated beings instead of a single, perfectly adapted and dedicated brain.


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Pod can be entered and left while in the ship. Design doesnt make it impossible. First test by Caldari State was just a guy walking into capsule from inside of the ship and then capsule was filled with fluid. Of course there was and always is security in place. Ship systems can function even while capsuleer have left the ship, but its not possible to operate capsuleer ship navigational and PEG systems by limited crew only, while capsuleer doesnt pilot the ship. Ships without capsuleers but with full crew can function normally.

As with most things in eve lore. It depends. In theory Yes, we have at least one chronicle example, and given the insane wealth of capsuleers you could always handwave that some custom modifications got made to allow it.

Due to space constraints it would be less likely in something like a frigate or destroyer, but cruiser size and up. Or an orca like you mentioned should be possible in theory. Especially if the orca is just sitting there giving boosts.

The real question though is WHY would a capsuleer do it? Their pod is their immortality, and if you are undocked then you are in theory actively doing things. It would be like putting an RV on cruise control and going to make a sandwich. Bad idea 99.99% of the time.
I can’t think of anything so damned important that isn’t taken care of by the pod that couldn’t wait a couple hours until docked.


Ships in which the pilot can leave the capsule do exist. Lore reference: Cross-capsule variant

I agree with Bjorn, though–a capsuleer walking around the ship would negate every benefit of the capsule. The pod is what allows the capsuleer to navigate the ship via mind. And the only way that the capsuleer’s mind can be transferred to a medical clone upon pod death is if the capsuleer is hooked up to the pod at the moment of pod breach. If s/he was walking around the ship when the ship was destroyed, s/he would die just like any other person.


IIRC in some Dev post ages ago it was said battleship size and up could have enough space for a pod gantry and related machinery.

But it is exactly as you said, a capsuleer really shouldn’t have any reason to leaver their pod while in space.

Yeah. Battleship could def do it. Cruiser sized I assume COULD do it. But probably not something that comes standard and would need customization.

Only time i could see it coming up from an RP perspective. Would be say docking at a backwater station that doesn’t have it’s own pod services, a BS would probably have the room/equipment to get the pilot in or out. Or the pilot going planetside discreetly from orbit.

But those are more story driven things outside the scope of general operations

Thats why NPC’s are so easy to fight compared to other capsuleers.

I recently restarted exploration and have found some sites I looted ofcourse; but the prices you get for these relic/data recoveries are not even close to the price you really get…any comment on this…
ex. (don’t know the name) but i looted an abandon sleeper battleship recovered something worth 43M, but the real sell price is not even close to 1M

Price you see in UI is not what you will get on market. System takes into account prices that were on market some time ago, it can always change because for majority of rare items its people that are dictating them. For items that are regularly traded the price may be fairly stable, while for one item in whole market the price will be very unpredictable, there is a lot of factors that make up price for item, but most important is demand and supply. You sell for what you and buyer agree is a fair price.

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Thx for the info

You know, you can have your cake and eat it too.

The pilot is the ship. We infest all the internal comms, we hear what goes on in the hull.

Why get out of the pod when I can holographically manifest next to my chief gunnery officer and yell at him to hurry with the reloads? I am an infomorphic entity, I can be plenty of places while I’m in my capsule.


Except not, because soft clones / backups are a thing and have been confirmed canon (*).

They would lose some time, until their last back-up.

(*) There was a controversy about this several years back, at which point I compiled every bit of lore related to clones and cloning, and the conclusion was that lore neither conclusively confirmed or denied their existence, but devs ruled then that they do exist. Which makes many assassination plots in the lore a little ???-how-did-that-happen, but still.


Wasn’t it also said that solid state clone backups are REALLY expensive. Like even more expensive than pod tech. Which kinda makes sense when you think about it. Presumably regular clones are fairly pricey, but once grown they can be kept on ice until needed.
Once you solid state your memories onto one as a backup though that clone is in effect burned.
How often do you make backups if you have to pay extra to keep them on ice. How many would you have? How far back would you have them go before they are effectively too old to be useful.

In regards to walking around the ship. Yes in theory you COULD but how do you think the crew would react? It would be like your bus driver throwing the thing in cruise control and cominf to have a chat.
I can’t imagine anyone on the crew would be particularly pleased to see the captain out of his pod when in space since that is likely to get everyone killed… And even if you have a solid state, they sure as hell don’t. (And they may decide that you aren’t paying them enough to deal with your recklessness and look who’s just wandering about. Would be a shame if something happened. The crew could probably handle the ship enough to get it to a scrap yard though. And even a share of a scrapped capsuleer ship is more money than they are ever likely to see)


In terms of back clones, I would imagine your data would be stored securely somewhere, and downloaded into a clone on demand.

The requirements for cold storage racks full of blank meatsacks would be normal.

The only sources I could find on this subject (which mostly relate to this article) all state that the technology exists, but is terrible–the data transfer is too finicky, and so people using clone transfer devices outside of the pond take a huge gamble with either the “snapshot” being taken too early, thus leaving the first body a living vegetable; or too late, so the person’s already dead when it’s taken.

I did a ton of research on this subject a few months ago because one of the stories I was writing for Pod & Planet relied on there not being a clone (not unlike said assassination stories), and didn’t really see anything conclusive disputing the above lore, so if you have something more recent, I would be more than happy to see it.

Don’t ever take a ride in a non-state bus in Jamaica.

The bit you’re referring to is with regards to cloning technology in general, and refers to the troubles in finding a viable instant transfer cloning outside of laboratory conditions, which the capsule solved by creating a controlled environment.

The idea of normal fatal burn scan outside of the capsule for medical purposes is a common (for the ultra rich, at least) medical practice in New Eden. It was, for example, considered as a last ditch attempt to save Karin Midular after she was shot, but she’d suffered too much brain damage for it to work.

The idea of backup clones is canon, as confirmed by EVE Source.

“A capsuleer killed out of her capsule might die permanently, and if not, she will lose much time in the gap between her backup’s creation and her new cloning.” - EVE Source

Whether a backup can be created non-fatally is up in the air. It’s possible backups are created through fatal burn scans just like with the capsule, with a set of the data being stored on file to provide a backup. Alternatively, and as is commonly used in RP, is the idea of soft scans (hence the term softclone), which is a non-fatal but agonizingly slow scan. Which one it might be is not stated in canon.


I’m not sure that I’m understanding the difference between a fatal burn scan and a backup clone.

A “backup” is a copy of your consciousness at an earlier timepoint. A copy of a fatal burn, if you stick to what is strictly proven in canon, or a slow copy in some player lore.

There is, apparently, technically nothing that stops making more than one revival from one snapshot - what’s stopping it is that doppelgangers are illegal, and if you are caught in one that’s bye bye for any revivals forever. Or something such.