Old Glory Starfleet - Seeking Casual/Chill Players For Small Indy Corp

Who Are We?

Old Glory Starfleet – as it stands today – is nothing more than a small group of friends looking to grab our piece of the Eve space pie. We’re either new or returning to the game after a long absence. But there’s a lot of cool stuff to do out there now and we’re having a blast figuring it all out.

Our Goals?

  • Have fun. It’s so important to keep this game fun.
  • Make money. We love making isk, though we are self-sufficient as well.
  • Learn. We love learning about new and fun things we can accomplish in game.
  • Grow. Of course we’d love to grow – to a point where we always have someone on in any given TZ.

While we’re laid back and very chill/fun folks, we’re also full of drive. We want to master industry, make iskies and eventually make our mark.

We can we offer?

-We have a refinery in high-sec space. Very excited to call it our home, and plans to scale our moon mining as we grow.

  • We just joined a growing alliance and have rented our very own system in rich null-sec space, where juicy ratting/mining is always available in a quiet system.
  • Friendship, laughs and camaraderie. We’re all adults who have families and real life always comes first.
  • Orca mining support coming soon


-No skill point requirements, but we ask that you have a general grip on the game. Like I stated earlier, we’re learning, too!

  • Access to Discord. We don’t always get on comms but we like to be able to when necessary or beneficial.
  • Must be 18+ years old.
  • Not be a total space douche.
  • Willing to grow with corp, but understand we aren’t (at least at this point) die-hard players.

If we sound like the type of casual corp you might be interested in joining, please contact me in-game!

Looking for a friendly, casual corp? Give us a shot!

We have tons of juicy ore to mine, Orca boosts and rats to kill!

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