Old Player returning to EVE looking for a Corp

Older Player returning to EVE looking for a Corp.

Haven’t played in years, and am relearning the game.
I have 35,000,000 skill points, most in various mining and Caldari equipment.
I am looking for a mature corp, one that every other word isn’t a cuss word.
I like to mine, and rat, and am starting to train some manufacturing and starbase op.

You can message me in game if you are interested.


Welcome back to the rice fields…

Wrong section of the forums.

There is a recruitment section of the forums, best to post this there.

Greetings, we are a relaxed hisec corp based in caldari space. We mainly mine ore/ice and do lv 3-4 missions. If you want to know more please ask with in-game mail.

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