Returning player with new-ish character

I’ve played for 10 years, doing just about everything in game. I used to be more hardcore than I am now. I tend to favor mining and indy, but know that PvP is needed at times too. During my prior time in EVE, I enjoyed the journey as much as achieving “end game”.

  What I have to offer:
  • mature experienced player who is (was) extremely knowledgeable in indy

  • can do discord or whatever voice as needed

  • looking to advance in corp. I know trust in EVE is earned, but I would like the ability to move up if actions warrant it.

  • experience as past CEO, as a director, and as alliance level staff (in industry)

  • East Coast US timezone. Off on Sundays and Mondays

     What I am looking for:
  • empire corp (at least to start)

  • corp that has goals and a direction. I don’t want to join as a miner and just mine the rest of my EVE life.

  • corp that would like to take over some small section of EVE. Pocos, Moon Mining, and other structures. Maybe start a trade hub :slight_smile: PvP will be required.

  • balanced corp that can handle itself in combat

I am open to offers not exactly fitting in what I am looking for, but please no cut/paste recruitment offers. Seeing those time after time makes me think you just want another number. I am looking for a corp that values quality over quantity.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Greetings we are a caldari hisec corp aimed to help new players into PVE in general also we have much services to offer to our members, including our PvP contest. If you want to know more , plz send me a mail.


I have read your post and think that if you take the time to sit down and have a one on one convo with me i think that you would fit in very well in my corp. please convo me in game at Lord Balis or if im unavailable please dont hesitate to send me a mail.

hey @Max_Hedroom

sounds VERY interessting to me
please get in touch with me



I’m at work now, but should be in game in a couple hours and will respond to all.

will do… i will be off in 3hrs time as i have bowling league (lol i have a life outside eve) but dont feel like you cant reach out to me, i will be able to reply when i get back after that

What time zone you located in? I would guess you are from us.
I am only after European players.

Sorry, I forget to mention timezone. I am East Coast US. And my weekends are Sunday and Mondays. I will update main post.

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Have a great place to you to join will message you in game

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