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I’ve played off and on with a number of alts dating back to 2003. Came back just about a month ago after a three and half year hiatus. Left the most recent corp because they’re not active when I was, so we were just out of synch. I’m hoping to find a corp I can be in synch with. I’m a sub cap pilot and I think I always will be. That is, unless I find one of them isk faucets everyone else claims to have. I used to run multiple accounts to make isk and feed my pvp toon. But it felt like work. Like I would come home from a long day of work, only to log in and work some more. I’m determined to try and make it running just one account.

What I’m looking for:
-PvP corp in Low or Null Sec. Sorry, not interested in WH space.
-US TZ most active between the eve time hours of 2200-0200 Sunday-Thursday. 2200-whatever on Fridays and Saturdays.
-Small to medium sized gangs comprised of none too fancy ship types. E,g,. frigs, dessies, cruisers. Sometimes BC’s or BS.
-Active leaders and leadership. I’m no leader and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve tried before and I’ve failed. I know my roll now.
-If the corp has some occasional isk making opportunities as a group, that would be a plus. No, I don’t want to be grinding missions or sites or whatever 5-6 days a week, and do one pvp roam.
-Group activity. Not solo. I’m not playing an MMO just to have to spend a lot of time finding things to do by myself.

What I offer:
-I’m not a KM whore. Although I do very much enjoy scoring top damage on KM’s more so than getting the final blow. Scoring TD is personally very satisfying. It means I was quick in my efforts to target and shoot the primary. It means my choice of weapons on the ship was good, especially when I’m in an inferior ship compared to the others appearing with me on the KM.
-I pay attention during ops.
-I don’t make a ton of annoying mistakes that seems to drive FC’s crazy.
-I don’t ask for charity or handouts.
-I don’t create drama in chat channels or on comms.
-I don’t loot wrecks. I do however, scoop corpses. What I do with them, is my business.

Reply here or eve mail me in game. Thanks for taking the time.

We are a rl first pvp nullsec corp with access to a content hole. We seem to check all the boxes you’re looking for, plus we offer one on one isk making advice for members, so you can get into one of those isk faucets you’ve heard about. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

o/ Zhothaqquah,

Congratulations on losing EvE! I suppose winning part of it is what counts.
“I do however, scoop corpses. What I do with them, is my business.” Is all I needed to read.
You’re perfect, no application needed. I’ll introduce you to my friend, MMM Toast next week (just you wait, sir, this is free entertainment!). Your desire to not drive FC’s crazy may be a problem, it is a time honored position and my own personal goal, to piss off our FC Director, Viceman.

Alrighty then, my good gentlesir. I’m here to represent Federation of Freedom Fighters (F-OFF) with the best damn ticker in all of New Eden. That’s a fact. Or I repeat it often enough, it should be one.

It’s amazing someone just enjoys flying subcaps, because too many bitter people want to fly capitals then get upset when nobody calls on them to jump! It’s like asking for less content! And the isk faucet you are looking for is a sugar momma…I mean a 2nd job. Let me know when you find either of those.

You want to run one account, that’s most of our pilots, maybe with a cyno or sabre alt, I myself am not crazy enough to try two alts in the same fleet, that’s how I lose two ships instead of one, so I understand.

Onto your needs!
-We’re a nullsec corporation 12 jumps from Jita in Vale, thus giving us ample opportunities to do the pew-pew very close to market hub, and very close to many Null-Sec AND Low-Sec entities.
-Only 2 blues, so none of this blue donut garbage
-Nearly free jump freight service right to our home system. I’m serious, it’s god-awfully cheap.
-Our most active time is right when you are asking for. We are the most active in USTZ EST evenings!
-Our max fleet size is about 100, maybe 50 from our own alliance for a normal form. NO TI-DI. We do have help if we ask for it for large-scale fights, but we like it smaller.
-Active Leaders? We’re on every day, we’re the ones driving the corp forward.
-Group isk making? We do corp mining ops once or twice a week, although we just moved across New Eden, but we intend to get it up running very soon. One to fund the corp, the other for personal profit. Ratting or other choices of isk generation are available upon request.
-Group Activity? HOP ON COMMS, WE HAVE COOKIES. Seriously, between us and our alliance, we have ample room for content, and get to know us, we love to chat even outside the game.

Contact us in our in-game channel F-OFF NOW! Mail me in-game @ TempestofChaos. We have Discord too! https://discord.gg/NpZYgmY you can also PM me directly on Discord TempestofChaos#1696.

Think we don’t like to throw down? Check our corp killboard out! https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1316448553/

I’d love to hear more from you, we have a great community, we love to chat, and new faces that like to do the pew pew are more than welcome!

Fly Dangerous sir,

F-OFF Pilot, SubDirector of Shenanigans

Messaged in game and here the recruitment thread.

Hay bud we are a small and friendly null sec corp that’s fastly growing we are looking for new members.In our corp RL comes first that’s a big must and second we play the game to have fun and make isk we have a lot to offer for a small corp. We are looking for indy and pvp pilots we also have jobs going within our corp we are probably the only corp that will pay its members for the work they do as long as they work hard in the rolls you get paid. If your interest drop me message in game
🇬🇧 Titan A.i we need you

Check us out man.

Corp in TEST, offer all aspects of Null:

Thanks for all of the replies to the post and to those who’ve reached out to me in game! I’ll follow up directly with those who’ve posted here the next time I’m logged in.

Blazing Phoenix Deep Exploration is a young and growing corp that just moved to Null Sec. We are part of a growing alliance called Vindictive. Look for our post in general I guess.

Tank Ferron CEO

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