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We have miners, ratters a few PvPer’s and alot of folks willing to teach or point you in the right direction depending on what you decide you like to do… all without the Drama or expectations of being on at specific times… RL comes first…

Come by our channel and chat with us we might be a good fit :slight_smile:

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Hey Ergo:

Your skills aren’t bad at all for PVP and we have some newer players that can accomplish a lot with much lot with much less SP. If you’re interested in learning to pvp and willing to live in both lowsec and nullsec you should definitely give us a look:

Here at Aideron Robotics we’re a Lowsec/Nullsec Faction Warfare PVP corporation with never ending action and daily fleets. We are new player friendly as long as you have a respectful and mature attitude. Since we live in Essense as well as Cloud Ring there is also action to come buy but we also have spots in nullsec where people are free to do PVE and ratting. If you’re interested feel free to PM CaseyLP in game or join our public chat channel “Aideron Robotics”.

Hello mate,

Welcome to eve by the way. We’re a nullsec corp in an established super power, but the corp is newer so you wont get lost in mass population. I’d be willing to teach you on a personal bases pvp if you want. we’re also welcoming more players.

Let me know if your interested, you can eve main/convo me @ Amunari talar (different spelling then the toon im posting on forums).

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Awesome responses so far! I’ll be reaching out to some of you tomorrow during work.

Any other offers are appreciated and will be looked at as well!

I would recommend above and beyond the isk and pvp items, you look for a group that you want to hang out with and chat with in coms. Those items will make your time well spent.

Hey man,

If you are interested in giving nullsec another try, I promise you that we can work around you and help you grow accustomed to even if you’ve fallen victim to the allure of the skill injectors. We are very welcoming to new players and can help you get grounded in eve.

Hideki Hakomairos

Hey bro,

Learning Curve in EVE is tuff. This game is not a Pay to win as some people think it is. But this is what keeps me in this game. Check out Imperium Legion. We are located in Tenerifis as part of the MWM collation.

We are long time players that have been together for 4+ years. We are not elitists or hardcore. We PVP, Mine, Rat, and explore. If you are looking for a fun place to learn and chill without being yelled at, send me a mail in-game and we can chat on Team speak.

I know I was in a FW corp but I am still looking and am no longer with that corp.

I failed to realize FW corps don’t seem to use caps which I’ve trained so hard for >.<

Plus the few fleets I went on with FW, even in a what they consider big fleet of 20 it seems so disorganized and weak. With that said FW is off the table for me recruitment wise, that was almost a bad enough experience honestly to make me think the game may not be worth the time sink.

I have replied to several of you in game with mails, and am open to convo’s ingame or more ingame mails.

Hey xErgo, check out Krypted Lite.

Maybe will solve the woes you had with your last corporation.

Hello @xErgo_Proxyx,

We are a WH Training Corp/Alliance. We are a diverse group of players from all backgrounds in the game. If you get a chance, check out who and what we are about…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Hey Ergo,

Have you considered WH life?

We are a small WH Corp looking to grow with the right people: C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore (Also, this is really just a diary about girls and stuff I update to ensure it isn't just the word "BUMP")

You could read the post but I find the best way to see if we are both a fit for each other is to have a chat so PM SSjGhost in game and Ill sent it up.

We do pretty much everything and welcome new/returning players. Most of our members have been playing a while and are 100m SP+ so a wealth of experience and always happy to show people the ropes so don’t worry about being new to game.

Good luck finding a Corp if we aren’t a good fit but otherwise I guess Ill speak to you later :slight_smile:


Hello @xErgo_Proxyx,

I sent you an in game mail to explain what you observed in our Public Chat.

Thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope you come back,


Check us out:

Hey mate, If youre still looking for a Corp to join or to see if we have what youre after - drop us a message in our pub *Spectral Public". Look forward to hearing from you.
We are based in Delve

Are you between 18-99 years old?
Are you allowed to watch R-rated movies.
Have you ever performed the hellicopterdicking?
Are you a hellicopter pilot named Richard?
Can you stop the Rokh?
Do you really want to stop the Rokh?
Is going to the disco your other favourite activity?
Then it’s time for you to sign up to BlueWaffe, the Bluest of Waffes.

What we offer:

Questionable Advice and Tutorials
Strong and Stable Memes
Hopes and Dreams
The Biggest E-Peens
No Rhymes Allowed
Empty Collection Cups for Tears
Hookers and Blackjack
Relaxed Enviroment
Corp Ships for Roams

What we expect:

Willingness to use Teamspeak
Willingness to pretend to enjoy Admiral Genaral Alagreen’s jokes
Willingness to explode
Willingness to be self sufficient
Ability to accommodate one regulation sized Pineapple to the rear

In all seriousness were here to PVP lose ships and kill things. Having fun is required. Join “Bluewaffe Pub” in game. We do not any alarm clock ops nor require dedicated game time of anyone. Do what you can when you can and have fun. We have almost no blues.

hi mate

check out our post, we are a vet corp established since 2006

Heyo!!! First off, everyone is worth the time, how can things get better if no one gives you the chance? Lets hook up and chat - I think we would be a great fit for each other. We have created a digital family that help each other to learn and grown in game as much as possible and that ratting in our Null system is great! We can teach you how to deal with neut/enemies and offer a tactical tracking map with an intel channel that has 300-900 people in it at any given time. Null sec is not so bad if someone is willing to take the time to offer you a process off the hop. We call it Null Boot camp and most of our new Null members adapt quickly with our program and are off and running. Take a peek at our forum post! :slight_smile: Looking forward to chatting with you.

The Tavern NullSec Check us out ingame or on discord

We may have what you are looking for. See my post Worm hole coalition looking for pilots and corps for details. Contact me if you would like more info.
Varrek Rexdraco