Wh Corp Recruiting

Forbidden Empire – Wormhole Corporation
-C4 Magnatar with 3 & 4 statics and a Fortizar for a main home

-PvP: We do PvP ops often and pretty much everywhere LS, NS, HS (while at war), and WH. We have fun with it and highly encourage involvement

-PvE: Everyone is welcome to PvE. Whether doing home sites, or sites in the static, you are more than welcome to enjoy the fruits of wormhole space. A small flat rate tax is applied to each site {less than 10%}.

-Indy: We provide boosted mining ops with a security fleet for your safety. We also have a Tatara for refining

-Requirements: We prefer players that are able to be self-sufficient in a wormhole. We are new player friendly but recruit rookies more sporadically in order to train them properly. API upon joining

-General: We are big enough to help you and small enough to know you. A good group of guys ranging from 10 years of experience to month old “rookies.” You will generally always have a few folks online in all time zones. We get along great, realize life comes first, and just want a good group of folks to play an awesome game with.

-Contacts: Cooper Gribbles, Silent Brandon, Tyler Twilley Send and in-game mail to all of us
-Recruitment Channel: TFORE Recruitment

Still Recruiting

Lil Bump here

Hit me up if you’re curious. We’ll teach you how to make an easy 300mil/hour

PvP, PvE, Indy, whatever you want to do, ISK to be made

Come fly and die with a good crew, small enough to know you, big enough to help you.

I’m a new player (still alpha clone) looking for a Corp to mine with. Been doing gas mining with a venture lately

Skeptical? Send us and in-game mail.

Just a lil bump


still recruiting?

would you be willing to bring in an alpha account? I’m interested in learning how to operate in wormhole space!

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