Older player returning after a long break looking for ustz pvp

looking for a chill laid back corp in null. I have been away from game a few years but still have most of my ■■■■. I know there are new mechanics that I am just not aware of, I can fly about everything from a titan to a ceptor . I am really only interested in pvp atm. I have around 170 sp on my main. Looking for a corp that that is active in the ustz

Come and have a chat with us mate :slight_smile:


Chat with me if anything from the above smiles on you.


Hey @Jin_Maci

I’m CEO of The Dark Vanguard, a EUTZ nullsec PVP corp based in Catch with the alliance Sigma Grindset. We’re fairly small and tight knit, looking for pvpers to come and blow up spaceships with us.

Full ad is here: The Dark Vanguard - EU TZ focussed, aggressive & fun PVP

Join our discord: The Dark Vanguard or “TDVG Pub” in game

Consider Stay Frosty… we are a low sec solo and small gang pirate PVP group with alot of older players…

hit us up if interested :slight_smile:

updated op

Join Outer Reaches Imperium! :slight_smile: We’re a tight group who love small and large gang PVP. We’ve got R64s, own the best 5 regions for ratting and exploration. Apply here https://eve-hr.com/ and I’ll have you in immediately.

Hey man. Just came back to the game myself. US TZ pvp. Hop in chat if you have a second.

o7 brother and welcome back!

WEF has players and directors across the age and experience range. A proud member of GSF, we have our own complex programs and operations for you to join, including combat-centric initiatives. Come check us out and hit me up if you like what you see!

Jin Maci, congrats on your first post in the forums. We sent you an in game mail, we’d be delighted to hear back. o7

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