Omega implants downgraded on Alpha or no bonus at all?

Implants with Omega clone requirements stay in the clone and give their bonuses but the character will not be able to add more.

Does this mean that an Omega implants will still give maximum bonuses, or the bonuses are downgraded, or just the implants stay there but their bonuses are nulled out???

Evewiki mentions Omega clone and implants, without specifying what happens to Omega implants already implanted. Or it mentions it but it’s not crystal clear.

Also, what happens if I would like to jump into a clone that has Omega implants while on Alpha?

Alpha clones can install only one jump clone, but can jump between the ones the character already had during an Omega clone status.

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I have an Alpha clone with Improved attribute implants installed when the account was Omega - they grant the same +5 bonus but, it’s useless since she has more than 5 million SP and won’t be able to train unless I upgrade the account!

If I removed those implants for any reason, I would not be able to replace them since they require Cybernetics 5. Skill hardwirings also work but those only required Cybernetics 3 which Alphas can train.

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I can plug now as an OMega an Omega skill hardwiring and that 5% bonus will remain or should I go with the non-Omega 4%?

Train is one thing, jump into a Clone with Omega implants another, so I need to know before making the choice, I never tried it before so I’m asking.

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I haven’t bought many +5 hardwiring implants and they are all omega characters. +3 give 60% of the benefit for 13% of the cost and I haven’t seen enough benefit to justify the price premium for the things I do.

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  • Implants are accessible up to maximum Alpha clone skills (Cybernetics Skill III).
  • Implants with Omega clone requirements stay in the clone and give their bonuses but the character will not be able to add more.
  • Lapsed characters with an active booster will see the duration remain the same but cannot activate more boosters as an Alpha clone.

the way it looks to me, whatever the bonus is for Omega, it will still apply if it goes back to alpha.


Ok, tnx. I know I will be capacitor short when back to Alpha, so at least that slot 6 is worth a +4,
but I also have the ZOR implant that is Omega and gives some AB duration bonus, i.e. save some cap…
That was my main concern. Wether to keep it or not. So I should keep it if the bonuses remains.

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It is unclear if being on Alpha and saying, you have a clone with one Omega implant, one would be allowed to jump into that clone (different from being already into a clone with omega implants).

I found no indication on this.

I don’t know if it actually does or not but I’m thinking the game won’t let you jump into a Clone fit with Omega Implants if the account is currently Alpha.

Mainly due to the skill requirements. It’s probably like trying to undock in a ship fit with Omega mods while you’re an Alpha.

As for getting rid of implants, no don’t do it unless you’re upgrading to a better type. If needed just set up another jump-clone.


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