Questions about implants as Alpha/omega

HI everyone,I used to be an omega player, but I took a break for a while. Now, I’m eager to come back as an alpha. Currently, I have some mid-grade crystals equipped, but since I’ve become an alpha, I no longer meet the requirements. I’m wondering if I still get the benefits of the full set though. Can you help me out with that?
Furthermore, is there a way to acquire a fresh clone as an alpha? Ii want to do PvP/Wormhole activities, but I’m hesitant to risk my costly pod.

I haven’t checked on it recently, but it’s my understanding that already-fitted Omega implants stay active when you drop to Alpha. You just can’t plug in any new Omegas.

Alpha clones can use one jump clone. I’m not sure how the game decides which one if you had more before dropping to Alpha.

You may want to PLEX or just get a month or two of Omega so you can switch-out clones if need be.

Why “88”?

Thanks guys looks like omega is the way.


If you are going to give CCP your money remember to buy bulk omega time! :slight_smile:

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The implants you have on your current clone will be fully functional in alpha mode, tho its probable you are going to change your clone quickly and you will be unable to put new ones on.

And alphas can use jump clones I believe, just not install new ones.

If you want any advice: I found out that most of the stuff you have to rearrange to be viable as alpha is simply harder than just gather the money and switch to omega by plex.

As others have stated, you need to be Omega to create new jump clones but an Alpha is free to jump to already existing jump clones same as Omega.

I use CCP’s free Omega time they occasionally give out to install High grade implants and +5s in my Alpha alts as well as to install a bunch of jump clones.

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