Omega + MCT sale: it's nice

People only post to whine so I bet no one will talk about it.

Current MCT sale is actually decent (given the price increase) and… the MCTs don’t automatically apply to your account as time, instead you can redeem them them individually and THEN it applies to your account (so you can’t sell them on the market). You can apply the other two when it suits you.

A sort of in between solution which given that they don’t want to mess up the normal MCT sales makes good sense. I like it. Watch people whine about it anyway.


I don’t know much about MCT except that I don’t need it.
However, since this thread aims for positivity I shall say that it’s a very good deal and to go for it… I mean if you need it.

Aisha is pointing out CCP delivered a solution where you can start MCT at your discretion in your account. So if you buy in a sales, but don’t want to use right now.

It’s like an item, you use it and boom, alt training baby.

That’s what I was able to abstract from that positive rant.


This combined with the half price extractors I picked up in that last sale will make for some cheap Omega time.

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I took a look at it because 50% off is always worth at least checking out. However the email and the “View details” page on the website use the same phrasing as they did last year, at which point purchasing the package automatically unlocked 1 MCT slot on that account for the full duration, starting at purchase time.

Did they auto-start 1 month of MCT and give you MCT redeem tokens for the remainder, or was it all in the redeemable items?

All 3 are redeemable, no automatic application. That’s how i found out: “why isn’t it working”.

Nice! The last 50% Omega-MCT I looked at was a 3+3 at $48.85 but locked in at time of purchase.

The current 3+3 is only 10% more at $53.90. For me at least the added flexibility of use-when-you-want MCT would be worth the 10% increase.

Yup. It’s really just a good deal without any annoyances. Seems they’ve learned.

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The best part of the deal is that they offer not only 3m this time, but also 12m. Previously if you wanted to use MCT, you could only buy it as a 3m package meaning higher monthly sub.

Now the 12m + MCT deal is significantly cheaper than 3m + MCT deal, per month.

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I love it. It made me reclaim Omega. I just wonder why it came that late.

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