Omega Mining and Industry----- Make Isk in 0.0 MIne/RAt/PvP

We are Looking for

  • Dedicated and Loyal Members
  • Miners / Ratters / PvP Pilots
  • Indy Skilled Players
  • FC’s - Boost and Security Fleets
  • Active and Involved -meaning you socialize with the members
  • Talk on Team Speak - Alliance Rule
  • Fun People
  • Must be able to Fly a Procurer for mining or a Vexor Navy Issue or Equivalent for Ratting
  • Full Account API Check
  • Alphas that can Operate Vexor Navy / Gila or Similar with 350dps and above, will also be considered for ratting membership

We Offer

  • Orca / Porpoise / Rorqual Boosted Fleets
  • Large and Growing Alliance Member Base
  • Ore / Salvage / PI Buyback programs
  • Plenty of Ratting and ISK Making Options
  • PvP Roams & SRP Fleets
  • Safe and Fun Area to Play Eve
  • Get in on big fights with our Allied Fleets

Recruiter Here!


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