Omega sale when?

i do want to get back in the game and im wondering when there will be the next omega sale?

was thinking to multibox but im holding off until next sale, so any info?


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About 6 hours after you purchase your subs.


There’s an Omega sale happening right now, buy 6 months of Omega and get 2x Ship Skins for free… :smirk:


It’s not omega sale

Yes it is…

According to the Email I received:

A special limited time Omega offer.

2 free SKINs with 6 months of Omega

Running from 11:00 UTC 3 June until 11:00 UTC 8 June

Omega offer ≠ Omega sale

The email also included this:

Sale runs until 8 June

It’s a frickin’ Omega sale that’s being offered for a limited time…

If you insist so much on ranting, let it be your way. It’s not like I care.

Hey, CCP is the one who is claiming it’s a sale.

Also if you didn’t care then you wouldn’t be here ranting about it not being a sale.

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Well, they’ve been running 3mo omega + 3 mo MCT for like 50 bucks every 3 months for the past year and a half now. Next one should happen next month.

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